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Baby Photography Manchester – Will my child misbehave?

Baby Photography manchester

How can I stop my child from misbehaving during the photoshoot?

Baby Photography Manchester – This has to be the biggest worry of any parent bringing their baby or child to a photo shoot (or taking them anywhere to be honest) and it’s a question that I get asked a lot so I thought I would answer it in a blog. So here goes…..


There you go simple. Children are children and no matter how much we plan naps, feeding times, schedules, car journey’s and everything else in between we can never know what they will do and do you know what? That is absolutely fine with me.

As the parent of three ‘spirited children’ (this is the polite term) there isn’t a tantrum I haven’t seen or a ‘no’ I haven’t heard so don’t panic.

Is there anything I can do?

The honest answer is no you can’t because children are unpredictable. What might work one day to distract them or make them laugh will have the opposite affect the day after. Most baby photography sessions take around 40 mins but I always give my families an hour. I do this so that you can bring your baby in and let them have a look around.

Most of the time I even leave setting up until you arrive so that your baby/child can watch me and get used to the noise in the studio. If they are walking and want to explore I absolutely encourage it as long as you go with them and that is only so they don’t trip or hurst themselves. My studio is designed to feel relaxing and homely so they can touch and pick up things, sit in the props or feel their way through all my blankets. If they don’t feel comfortable they won’t have a nice time and that is my main goal.

What happens if they get upset?

If they get a little upset then we stop and have a break. Bring them a little drink and a snack. They can relax for five minutes until they feel ready to start again. If it’s during a cake smash it’s amazing how many photos I can get in a very short time. I always do a bath section so that if they are not keen on the cake part we have the bath – babies love the bath!

Baby Photography manchester

When is the best to book for baby photography Manchester?

After the newborn baby the most popular sessions are for babies who are sitting up and upwards. As for the time of day – that is up to you. You can book around their naps but don’t worry and stress yourselves out too much. I have lots of funny songs and dances in my repertoire to try to distract them:)

How do I book a baby photography session?

You can click here to book your session or enquire about a session.


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