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Maternity Photo Shoot Manchester – I feel so nervous about my photoshoot!

Maternity Photo Shoot Manchester

I feel so nervous about my photoshoot!

Maternity Photo Shoot Manchester | On average I do around 4 mini maternity sessions every week. Out of all the ladies I photograph I would say 99% come in feeling nervous. Let’s face it unless you are a celebrity having your photograph taken doesn’t happen very often and when it does it’s usually with other people rather than you being the focus.

Another factor is being photographed when our bodies are so different from how we are used to seeing them. Maternity Photography is usually done around the 34-36 week mark so by this time we feel a bit swollen and tired and it’s hard to imagine having a photoshoot…..but you have to do it. It’s the main reason I now off mini maternity sessions with every newborn photography session. I have one photograph of me with a big baby bump with my first baby then none with my boys and I really wish I had done more.

Who will see my images?

One thing I make very clear from the outset of booking these sessions is that these are very private images. I love sharing them but I totally understand if mums don’t want them to be. Most of my clients end up wanting to show them off and include them in their prints and wall art. Some just want them so they can look back on them or show them to their children,


Those that have already had maternity photography sessions with me will know how relaxed my studio is. I am a pretty laid back person on the whole (unless all three of my children are arguing!) so my aim is to make you relaxed. There are no cheesy photos at my studio. I won’t pose you in unnatural ways so you feel silly. I provide all the outfits so you don’t have to worry about that either. Have a look at a previous blog post here about what to wear. You can involve your partner and children or come on your own – it’s up to you!  I book out around 30 minutes for these sessions but in reality we end up chatting about all sorts:) This is the session that we get to know each other and I love doing them!

Maternity Photo Shoot Manchester – Reviews

Maternity Photography ManchesterMaternity Photography ManchesterHow do I book and when should I book?

You can book these sessions as early on in your pregnancy as you like or as far on – I once did a maternity session for a lady who later told me she was already 4 cms dilated when she came for her session!!! She was 37 weeks and had the baby the day after! Ideally though we do them around 34-36 weeks. Just drop me an email at or you can text MATERNITY  or ring on 07718150037. There is also this contact form you can complete.


Maternity Photo Shoot Manchester


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