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Baby Photoshoot Manchester

Baby photoshoot Manchester | Newborn baby photography is constantly growing in popularity and over the last couple of years it has really taken off. Who wouldn’t want a job cuddling babies all day? If you are looking for a baby photoshoot in the Manchester area there are a lot of photographers to choose from.

For me personally I want to provide my clients with a beautiful, timeless gallery. Something that will always look amazing hung on your wall. My aim is to give you something to cherish and look back on. An experience not just a photoshoot. A few weeks ago I did a model call and only used one colour base to highlight the different poses and set ups you get with one of my galleries.

How many photo’s do I get to choose from?

Anyone with a baby will know that they rule the roost! At my studio I am completely baby led. They decide what they want to do, not me:) Throughout the session I will wrap your baby from time to time to help settle them and get some lovely snuggly shots of them. A lot of the time they will be naked but the studio is very warm so they don’t mind. I want to show you around 20 fully edited images at your viewing session. This can vary though depending on what each baby is like. If your baby is a little unsettled and awake it will be around 20 but if they sleep the whole session it can be much more.

Baby Photoshoot Manchester

Baby Photoshoot Manchester

What if my baby won’t go into any of the poses?

Ideally your baby photoshoot needs to take place before your baby is three weeks old. This is because the baby is still adjusting to life outside and is still very curly. When you first come in for your session I will take the baby and have a good look at them and just get a feel of how they like to be and how they are comfortable. Some babies like their hands unfold and some have vice like grips and won’t straighten them at all!

Both are fine and it really does not matter. I won’t try and stretch your baby’s hands out if they don’t want them to and i won’t put them in any positions they don’t like either. They are well and truly in charge. Not to worry though we can still get amazing and beautiful images with them wrapped or in the way they like to be placed.

Can I include my older children in the baby photoshoot?

Yes absolutely and in fact I will insist even if they are toddlers ha ha! It’s so important to get photographs of our loved ones and getting our children all together were they are looking at the camera without tongues poking out even more so! There are two ways we can do it. You can bring your older children to your baby photoshoot. Having three children myself I know that it is sometimes important to experience these milestones on your own though with just your partner and your newborn baby. For this reason I offer split sessions with no extra cost. So we do your newborn session during the week and then you can bring your older children back in the holidays if they are off or on the weekend for a quick 30 minute session. This session is ideal and I make a fuss of the older children.

Newborn Baby Photographer Manchester

Do you do bump to baby sessions?

Maternity photo sessions or bump sessions are available and, in fact, you now receive a complimentary Mini Maternity Session with every newborn photography session booked. It is optional and if you don’t want to have one that is no problem at all. These sessions are approximately 20-30 minutes long. Have a look at this blog about Maternity Photography Manchester to find out more. If you feel nervous about having a Maternity Photography Session don’t worry, have a look here.

Can we be on the photographs?

I love it when parents want to join in with baby photoshoot. You don’t always feel like getting in the front of the camera so soon after giving birth, especially with the sleepless nights. It’t important that you do though.

Baby photoshoot Manchester

How to book my baby photoshoot Manchester?

There are various ways to contact me to book your session or just to ask questions. There is no pressure at all. You can ring me on 07718150037 and we can go over everything and have a chat. You can email me at There is also a contact form here or the Book Now form here. All I need is to take your due date and a £30 deposit. This secures the space for your session and you can sit back and relax knowing you are booked in. If you want we can book your Mini Maternity Session in at the same time or you can wait a few months as your due date gets nearer and then book you in.

If you would like a call back then please just text ‘NEWBORN’ to my mobile number: 07718150037 and I will call you back.

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